Renee Wood

Designing: Nursery & Ladies Closet

Renee Wood is the owner of Gladiola Girls, a conscious lifestyle boutique with stores in Lynchburg and Lexington. Her vision is to help women create intentional, beautiful lives, to appreciate their own uniqueness, and to live in a perspective of gladness. Using her business as a platform to empower women, she actively supports career and contribution opportunities for professionals in her community and women in under-privileged countries. Renee has owned a variety of brick and mortar stores since 1996. She and her oldest daughter, Carlyle together have created  the inviting environment of Gladiola Girls. Renee and her husband David live in Lynchburg with their youngest daughter, Lily.

Baby Bohem’s room is an eclectic mix of idiosyncratic textiles and botany. Sharp changes in tone and pattern bring a sense of youth and vitality to the room. Our signature Johnny Was scarves cloak the walls and ceiling to pull together that whimsical effect you strive for in a nursery. With a mix of antique and newly constructed pieces; the room comes together with a timeless feeling - no “trend” in sight.

Renee Wood


4925 Boonsboro Rd. Suite F

Lynchburg, VA





















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