Kelly Mortemousque

Designing: Master Bedroom

The vision I had for this room was a Morrocan inspiration. The painting by Claudia Stubstead is loaded with the jewel tones and lends itself to the overall effect of the room. The headboard of the bed is covered in a Navy leather from Moore and Giles. The indigos in the rug mix in with the blue and white bedding for a playful mix of patterns. The bedroom also includes painting by other artists, Mike Piggott , Frankie Harris and Lyall Harris and the windows are beautifully framed by Curtains, Blinds & Bath window treatments.

Kelly Mortemousque began her career as a home stager and in redesign. She has worked with clients by working with their furnishings and adding features such as modern art, lamps, furniture with clean lines and accessories to create a more updated look. She had worked at the Silver Thistle the last few years where she was truly inspired by the bold use of color and the mix of modern and older pieces.

Kelly Mortemousque



























Moore & Giles

Galaxie Modern

High Cotton

Farm Basket

Paintings: Claudia Stubstad, Mike Piggott, Frankie Harris, Lyall Harris



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